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About the academy

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40 Gladstone Road
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Aims of the Academy
1. To achieve excellence in Homeopathic medicine education.
2. To provide a caring and supportive study environment for students.
3. To provide post graduate mentoring for academy graduates.
4. To provide continuing professional education seminars and courses for practitioners.

Mission Statement

The Academy of Homeopathic Medicine is committed to excellence in Homeopathic education and believes in the value of all individuals whether they be practitioners, students, patients or the general public. It will endeavour to assist them to reach their desired potential in life.


Classes are generally held on weekends. Some classes are on Mondays and Fridays and some classes may be scheduled midweek. Subjects, units, courses and any arrangement for courses including staff, as stated in the prospectus or other publication, announcement or advice of the Academy, are an expression of intent only and are not to be taken as a firm offer or undertaking. The Academy reserves the right to discontinue or vary such subjects, units, courses, arrangements or staffing at any time without notice. This information was current as at January 1 2003.